My child’s appetite is crazy!


I know everyone says that there is a time when babies naturally do start wanting to eat more food and drink less milk. Although A has eaten food for a long time now I had still been waiting for things to really pick up on the appetite front. I mean, he eats EVERYTHING  and has never once turned away from food, but the quantities he has eaten have been pretty small.

I also worried about the time that I needed to start weaning him off milk and getting him to eat bigger meals. Would he be upset that I was no longer offering as many bottles? Would he suddenly start rebelling against food as some kind of payment for me trying to get him to eat more?

All I can say is that something has clearly changed, and now he is crawling he is naturally starting to pack the food away.  It started a couple of weeks ago when he was just about to turn ten months old. I made him his usual one-egg omelette, put it in front of him, and turned around to put the frying pan in the sink. Literally as I turned back towards him there was a nearly empty plate! I  picked him up out of his high chair, looked on his seat, in his bib, under his vest….but the food was nowhere to be seen. The little gannet had troughed it down! So I made him another omelette feeling like some sort of egg slave.

Since then he is eating lots, and regularly. It is wonderful to see. He can smash through the fruit bowl at a rate that makes his dad feels threatened there will be nothing left to take to work. He scoops up massive handfuls of rice and pasta and stuffs it right in, barely stopping for breath. There is literally nothing he is refusing at the moment.

Of course as I am a typical modern mum I use this lovely scenario as an opportunity to worry about ridiculous things- like is he eating too much, is he actually enjoying it etc etc. I need to quieten my inner voices here. He is bursting around our flat in an Olympic-speed crawl, and he clearly needs the calories to fuel all this new energy. He looks happy, healthy and has glowing skin. He is exactly on his growth line in his little red book. So as I type, I think I really do need to just enjoy this stage. I am very aware that we are likely to start encountering fussiness soon, and that will bring with it a whole new set of problems.

The thing I do need to be focussing on is getting him to eat the right stuff…i.e. human food. I had a hilarious conversation with NHS Direct when A ate a snail last week (turns out garden snails are non toxic and A is just clearly a continental kind of eater), and he is quite partial to nicking the cat’s food too. Yuck! So my energy is definitely better spent filling A up with GOOD food so he doesn’t need to resort to the Whiskers.

Oh to be a parent!!




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